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First Month Results

Posted: 04.26.2016
We have approximately 16,000 career opportunities posted on Nelest.com from well-known companies in the USA and the world.
Data shows that we currently have 16,200 job announcements from 109 of the largest corporations in the world.В  Approximately 60% of the posted positions are in the USA, followed by companies in the UK, China, India, Canada, and Ireland. 
In terms of industries, most of the announcements at the moment are in the areas of Healthcare, Pharma, Tech/Software, Telecom, Engineering Services, Media, and Finance.
The most popular job functions are concentrated in the areas of Business Development, Engineering, Sales, General Management, and Product Development.
Within the next 2 months we plan to double the number of available job announcements and companies, while still focusing exclusively on executive top level positions from well-known companies throughout the world.

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