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Jobs in Canada, Career Jobs, Fresher Jobs & Vacancies. Finded in Nelest.com
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CenturyLink, Inc Mississauga
CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL) is a global communications, hosting, cloud and IT services company enabling millions of...

Posted: 12.28.2016
Visa Inc. Toronto
Merchant Sales and Solutions is responsible for developing and managing merchant relationships and sales activities...

Posted: 12.27.2016
CH2M HILL Companies Ltd. Burnaby
Minimum 10 to 12 years experience as an oil and gas Mechanical engineer. Must be confident managing other...

Posted: 12.26.2016
CH2M HILL Companies Ltd. Kitchener
Manages projects of varying size and complexity. Acts as one of the company's prime contacts with the client and...

Posted: 12.26.2016
CH2M HILL Companies Ltd. London, Ontario
Our Operator's at CH2M perform a variety of tasks in the operation and maintenance of a water/wastewater treatment...

Posted: 12.26.2016
CH2M HILL Companies Ltd. Vancouver
This position performs a variety of engineering work in the initial planning and design phase of equipment, systems,...

Posted: 12.26.2016
CH2M HILL Companies Ltd. Toronto
This position performs a variety of technical development tasks related to management of projects and programs for...

Posted: 12.26.2016
CH2M HILL Companies Ltd. Vancouver
CH2M is currently seeking Senior Piping Designer's. Individuals will provide piping design support and expertise...

Posted: 12.26.2016
CH2M HILL Companies Ltd. Vancouver
Analyze structures using various structural engineering software programs. Analyze structures using various...

Posted: 12.26.2016
CH2M HILL Companies Ltd. London, Ontario
Reporting to the Senior Project Manager for Acton Storm Tanks, Hammersmith Pumping Station and Barn Elms, the Project...

Posted: 12.26.2016

Opportunities for Jobs in Canada

Canada offers a wide range of open job positions for its citizens and for foreigners (on an equal level). Jobs in Canada are all situated in different areas - from small private firms to government offices. A noteworthy fact is that the country offers work even from overseas.

Canada’s Jobs: Diversity

The most common proposals for work in Canada are the following:

  • truck drivers;
  • nurses with a relevant education;
  • commerce professionals (including wholesalers, retailers and sales clerks);
  • food workers ( such as cooks, service personnel and administrators);
  • hairdressers ( both male and female) and cosmetologists;
  • dentists (such as hygienists and therapists);
  • medical technicians;
  • managers (for finance, advertising and PR).

The list of careers in Canada is constantly changing and filled with new vacancies. A pretty attractive area of work is an occupation in the government domain. Government jobs cover a generous variety of fields, from scientific research institutions to army officials. In addition to this, employees can carry out their functions from overseas (officers of missions, expert advisors, etc.).

Canada Employment: Demands for Competitors

The citizens of other countries who apply for a workplace in Canada must meet a set of requirements, including:

  • A special education (if requested);
  • A special set of documents (listed on the official website of the government);
  • An invitation from the hirer with the company name accurately specified and a post of the future worker; knowledge of English or French.

It is also possible to participate in the federal (or another government area) immigration program, where are many careers are in demand and one can find a job easily on arrival.

Jobs in Canada for Foreigners: Conditions of Remuneration

The salary in Canada is varied. It is influenced by factors such as: location of the company/workplace (for example, the salary in Toronto is different to the one in Vancouver); area of activity in the institution (for example, a normal service job has a lesser pay than the job of the IT manager); employee diligence (many jobs are paid per an hour of work). The most generous jobs in terms of payment are the following: wholesale distribution; commercial construction; manufacturing; Government jobs; telecommunications. One of the most highly paid positions in these areas is HR manager, which has a salary of about C$72-C$75 per year. Jobs in Canada for preferably international students are in home health care or initial positions in any other field.

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