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Sales Jobs: Short Review

Every company that offers products on the market has a sales department (or one sales assistant at least). This person or sector should make every effort to represent the products in the most favorable light and to compel the buyer to purchase it immediately. Employment in sales jobs is very often combined with bound works as a right-hand man, consultant and even the CEO.

Sales employment opportunities

Most companies do not require a specific education. A significant advantage to the applicant is the practice. In the ad for a marketing jobs, hirers describe qualities that the workers must have. The most frequently demanded among them are:

  • the ability to find mutual understanding with the client;
  • product knowledge;
  • the ability to predict the situation;
  • self-confidence; concentrating on results;
  • long-term planning;
  • skills of customer-centric sales.

One of the main personal qualities is the ability to manage time (own or subordinates). With productive work and due diligence, a sales manager can make a quick career rise to sales director or even to the vice president. To accomplish this, selling qualities help in different training courses that are offered by some companies. The great advantage for admission will be the degree in finance, administration or other similar areas.

Sales Manager Jobs: Duties

The employer’s functions partially depend on the area in which he is working in. For example, a sales representative should be more attentive to purchasers, while sales manager must be able to coordinate their section's work. Some of the charges that employers frequently put for employees are:

  • market studies,
  • and especially the actions of competitors;
  • elaboration of effective plans to promote products;
  • documentation management; prescriptions for changing the characteristics of production, according to customer's requests and improving the quality;
  • direct intercourse with customers (applies even to the chiefs).

Sales careers require a productive initiative for success.

In addition, one should improve their own knowledge in the area and their knowledge about a product, participate in professional societies, seminars, study of publications, and more.

Sales Employment: Wages and Perspectives

Salary in this field is highly variable. It depends on the following factors:

  • location of the company and the type of goods;
  • success of completion of the deal;
  • post of sales participant (ordinary sales rep or director).

For example, according to the BLS, the director's annual profit is about $96K on average and for the representatives this number is around $50K annually. As evidenced by this study, the number of sales jobs will grow.

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