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Project Management Jobs: Synopsis

An extra wide scope gets one access to a project management job. However, thisactivity requires a lot of effort, creativity and perseverance. All of the control threads are in the employees hands (from product creation, to its delivery to customers). Most often, a person in this field works on trade deals.

Project Management Employment Opportunities

An employee has many sundry functions, which can be summarized as follows:

  • detailed study of the idea (or even participation in its development);
  • hiring a team to execute it (or a clear division of charges in the existing collective);
  • getting the required permitting documentation (if it is necessary);
  • control of the timely completion of all phases of the project;
  • providing intercourse betwixt the performers, suppliers, bosses and other participants.

Along with the fact that the project management careers are present in many areas, it is in the sphere of greatest demanded careers. In the excess are: experts in constructing, IT, engineering and so on.

Project Management Courses: Starting Out

Occasionally, companies hire PMs with an associated level, but more often, the minimum education that one needs is a bachelor degree in a pertinent field (engineering, materials, technology, construction and so on). A prosperous manager needs to improve his comprehension in the following ways:

  • master's diploma in the chosen field (electrotechnical, computer science are welcomed) or MBA;
  • passing the supplementary program in management, biz, socializing, etc.;
  • examination of all the shifts and elaborations on the market.

An applicant also should have leadership traits, trade flair, the capacity to work with tight schedules and the capacity to sort out a many problems at once. Also, the PM must show analytical judgment and knack to predict the upshots of the decisions. This employment is intended for a full day of work (sometimes can even operate overtime) that part-time project management jobs offer very rarely.

Project Management: Salary and Expectations

Wages in this sector considerably vary. Among the main factors which influence its fluctuation are:

  • working sphere;
  • peculiarities of the project’s bringing into play (budget, plans for earnings);
  • level of background and praxis (especially on responsible positions in large corporations).

The most lucrative in this area is IT project management (wage is $86K annually). Large IT companies pay significantly higher salaries for employees ($130K-$140K and more). On the other side are construction project management jobs. These, as well as some other employments, pertain to the occupations with comparably low wages (nearly $61K-$62K per year). According to the BLS, the total number of jobs in this sphere will increase in next 10 years (by about 16%).

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