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Particular Qualities Of New Product Development Jobs

People who are engaged in new product development jobs should have innovative thinking without failure, because the main task of employees in this area is to create something new, no matter what area they work in, ranging from engineering to fashion design.

Careers in Product Development

The peculiarity of this profession is that the employee must communicate with all parties involved in the creation and consumption of the output. Product development engineers perform the following functions:

  • market research for revealing needs of customers for a new product;
  • creation of the rough draft of properties and characteristics of a product (together with technologists of the company);
  • work on the public presentation of the production, promoting it (together with marketers).

There are many programs that are used in the product design jobs to facilitate the process.

New Product Development: Eligible Applicants

In this area employees are divided into two levels:

  • elementary;
  • advanced.

For work of the first level it is sufficient for the candidate to have a bachelor’s degree in engineering industrial design or any similar field. For the second level the product development corporation makes higher demands. Some of which are:

  • master’s degree;
  • work experience;
  • the existence of certificates for possession of computer programs (for example autoCAD).

Special emphasis employees can also work on courses in material design and marketing or communication.

Product Development Jobs: Salary

In the sphere (in accordance with the BLS' data) the number of jobs will grow slightly over the next 5 years (an increase of about 4%). Presumably this is due to a certain stagnation of the market. The average salary of managers is around $109K with fluctuating $94,8K-$126,7K. Ordinary engineers are paid much less, only $67K per year. Besides the position held in the company the salary also depends on the following factors:

  • the company’s reputation;
  • area of activity (for example, food product development or devising new drugs);
  • the success of the proposed solutions;
  • educational attainment.

Small and large companies are looking for such specialists who are able to feel the market sentiment and offer appropriate solutions.

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