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Medical Service Jobs: Short Review

For those who want to devote their life to helping people, should consider medical service jobs. This area needs experts not only in medicine, but also management, technology, communications, and so on. Often the work of service staff can be invisible, but the proper function of the health system is impossible without them.

Medical Services Career Opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities for those who wish to build careers in Medical Services. The most popular and in demand among them are:

  • Medical Assistant;
  • Medical Receptionist;
  • Medical Technologist;
  • Medical Coder;
  • Medical Biller;
  • Medical Office Manager;
  • Medical Laboratory Technician;
  • Medical Secretary;
  • Medical Transcriptionist.

A job applicant must have specialized education corresponding to the selected direction they wish to go in. In career development the education should be improved. For example, an ambulance driver in emergency medical services may not have a medical background (and only have a certificate of first aid), but the emergency medical technician should be educated in the chosen area.

Medical Service Work: Duties

Since the category includes many professions, the obligation greatly varies. The main task of the worker is to save a life and treat the person using the tools available in their area. The overall objective for all occupations of this category are the following:

  • planning for health care events (by exits on incident to public speaking);
  • control of medical services in the institutions of all forms of ownership;
  • management of hospitals, clinics, public centres, and other.

Furthermore, each institution brings to the worker their own specific requirements that are prescribed in the employment contract. For emergency medical services jobs it can be, for example, arriving to the scene, rendering first aid to victims and delivering them to the hospital. Sometimes this category also includes human services jobs such as the employments, which are intended to help different categories of people (the old, the sick, with the accessibility features).

Medical Service Employment: Salary

Wages significantly depend on the following factors:

  • concrete place of work;
  • position (entry level, intermediate, senior);
  • the size and location of the company (e. g, payments in the private and public clinics discord).

For example, medical assistant has nearly $13.6 per hour on average, but an expert I n transcription services has much more, about $18 per hour (this profile specialist salary in the army reaches $44K). Recent data from the BLS show a prediction of an increase in the number of jobs in all directions in this category (25-30% on average).

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