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Overview and Examples of Information Systems Management Jobs

The professions market is replete with suggestions. There are a very wide variety of examples of information systems management jobs. The occupation on the country's market ensures over than 100 thousand companies, with a joint annual turnover of more than $250 billion. The ITC is excessively demanding a large number of young proficient nowadays.

Properties of the Modern Information Technology Market

The BLS foretells in the recent studies that the number of proposals of the information systems management jobs will height in after years. Up to 2020 the number of work places for IS-managers should increase by 18%. For data bank administrators it will be the whole 31%. There are the following causes for this speedy information systems management job growth:

  • extensive automation of production processes;
  • amplification of technologies and improvement of equipment;
  • commitment to increase transparency and efficiency of the work.

The occupation in this sphere can be outlined in the following ranges:

  • making strategies to modernize the working process;
  • hiring new staffers and checking their activities;
  • coordinate daily activities of structural subdivisions of the company;
  • creating beneficial plans for introduction of new technologies, etc.

MIS Jobs: Requirements for Candidates

The next employments are the most common in this group:

  • database administrator;
  • systems engineer;
  • computer programmer;
  • technology manager;
  • specialist in broadcast;
  • systems administrator, etc.

Candidates for a place in the information technology management must have a college degree and (in most cases) experience in the chosen field. The greatest demand is for job seekers with education in the following areas:

  • computer science with different tied professions;
  • business management;
  • informatics as a science;
  • engineering (especially the creating of programs).

Also welcomes the presence of special degrees obtained in professional colleges, so-called MIS degree. furthermore the large companies carry out their training courses or workshops for employees.

Attractiveness of the Computer Systems Management Jobs: Salary

As the latest study stated, salary ranges is the $48-120 K annually (the average wage is near $75K). This amount includes the following payments:

  • disposable income;
  • bonus;
  • profit sharing.

The main part of firms also offers medical gains and sometimes dental care to their workers.

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