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Jobs in Engineering: Market Situation

Despite the fact that in the previous decade, there was a decline of interest in the technical professions in general and engineering in particular, the situation is changing. Some jobs in engineering have the highest wage on the market. Some of them are popularized both prestigious and elusive. In addition, strong demand on the labor market stimulated increase in the number of specialists in various fields of engineering.

Engineering Jobs List

The number of jobs that belong to the field of engineering is about 25-35 according to various investigations. Most of them are among the highest paid professions in the country. The most popular careers in Engineering are in the following brunches:

  • petroleum;
  • electrical;
  • computer;
  • aerospace;
  • chemical;
  • materials.

The first item in this list is starting with 75K per year by an average. The more experience engineer is, the greater salary he has.

Engineering Employment Opportunities and Dutes

In order to get a job, the applicant should have at least a bachelor's degree in the chosen field. In certain cases, one needs an associate's degree for work (f. e. mechanical engineering technicians). Sometimes employers accept the document on education in related areas. For example, one can get a place in biomedical engineers jobs with a chemical engineering diploma. In each area employee has own duties, common of which are:

  • the development of new technical solutions;
  • improvement of processes and mechanisms;
  • study of the properties and structure of substances and their possible using, etc.

Preferably, when applyer for a job has experience. Practice, gained during university programs, is suitable for this. Especially valued employees with work experience abroad.

Engineering Jobs: Salary

Most kinds of work in the engineering field are paid at the rate of average wages in the country, or higher. The lowest salary have Rail Yard Engineers ($44K per year). Petroleum Engineers have the highest wage ($147K annually). Engineering employment is quite promising area. The BLS predicts, that increasing the number of jobs will be observed in all its branches, apart from:

  • Airline Pilots&Flight Engineers;
  • Locomotive Engineers:
  • Industrial Engineering Tech.

Specialist’s earning significantly depends on its achievements in the workplace.

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