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Jobs in Consulting: Short guide

Those, who are capable of rational decisions, are aware of all the innovations, can invent new and new ways out of seemingly standard situations will find a good place here. Jobs in consulting is a field of activity for people, who are ready to work at a furious pace, think unconventionally and be open to new things.

Consulting Jobs Description: What Pay Attention To

Depending on the profile of the consulting company, one can improve in two ways:

  • specialist;
  • generalist.

In the first variant employee duties are in consist in the interaction with the strenuous situations of companies (or a single enterprise) of certain direction. It may be, for example, assistance in the promotion of products on the market. Consulting companies of the second branch work to solve a broad range of issues. Employees in them should be able to switch rapidly from one subject to another and have a broad knowledge in more than one area.

Consultant Jobs: how to Get a Workplace

To be accepted for the position in one of the companies in the consulting, a contender must have the following qualities:

analytical thinking: synthesis, analysis and transformation of the data received;

  • high communication skills;
  • creative inclinations;
  • marketing abilities;
  • knowledge of computer programs (at least - office applications);
  • initiative. In addition, some firms offer part-time consulting jobs.

This is a great option for those who are still learning, but feel his strength in this area. Prerequisite is keep up to date the latest events in the chosen sphere and apply knowledge for profit.

Consulting Jobs: Salary and Perspectives

The level of salaries in the area is quite high. The known advising firms offer $80K annually even for the first year graduates. With the receipt of the praxis and moving ahead the corporate ladder, worker can earn much more. For example, the director receives approximately $500K-$1M per year. On the amount of salary following factors influence:

  • company size;
  • type of offered services (oral counseling, development plans, and so on.);
  • size of bonuses, premiums and percentage of transactions;
  •  jobseekers education (college graduate, MBA, without a degree).

The BLS predicts that the number of jobs in the field will continue to grow. Therefore, the employment possibilities are endless. Many people after a little practice in large companies open their own office. In addition, consulting jobs for retirees give a great chance to spend time with benefits.

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