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New Business Development Jobs: What to Devote Attention to

The essence of new business development jobs is shown in the phrase "how to sell it in the most profitable way." Using intelligence gained from inspection data of firm statuses, market movements and other factors, they elaborate on a model of activities and a set of measures for its fulfillment.

Prosperous Business Development Manager: What is He?

Nowadays Business Development Specialists demand can be found in all areas: from IT to farming. However, greatly requested are professionals in trading. A specialist in business growth is the person who must combine awareness in the following areas:

  • Sale;
  • Finance;
  • Jurisdiction;
  • Different types of management;
  • Administration;
  • Mergers and acquisitions.

The purpose of these professions is to build a durable, strong and profitable interrelation with customers.

Education Requirements for Applicants for Business Management Jobs

One who applies for the place of a business developer must have a university degree bound to trading activity (such as marketing or finance). Some companies offer candidates to go through special courses with them and then offer them a job. The existence of a certificate of international educational associations (for example MBA) is also welcomed. Employers require the applicant’s presence in the following professional and personal qualities:

  • Practice in the HR administration, sales, accounts;
  • Possession of MS Office and other office software;
  • The ability to handle multiple projects at a time, prioritize work;
  • Initiative, responsibility for their decisions; teamwork skills.

Work in the area ensures constant self-improvement. Leaders order to everyone to upgrade their knowledge and proficiency.

Business Development: Job Opportunities and Earnings

The greatest demand is for specialists in wholesale and retail sales. Studies show that the demand for these professions in the labor market will grow by an average of 2-7% by 2022. The median salary in this group varies from $103 thousand for purchasing buyers to $52 thousand for wholesale and retail managers (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data). The level of remuneration varies, depending on the location, size of the firm and direction of the work. There are companies that offer international development jobs. They put forward more stringent requirements for candidates.

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