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  • 138 the biggest US companies on Nelest.com !
    2016 - 08 - 04

    Now we have jobs from 138 the biggest US companies on Nelest.com !

  • We've reached 30,000 jobs!
    2016 - 05 - 25

    30,000 vacancies posted on Nelest.com from the best companies in the USA.
    114 mustinational companies !
    98 countries !
  • First Month Results
    2016 - 04 - 26

    We have approximately 16,000 career opportunities posted on Nelest.com from well-known companies in the USA and the world.
    Data shows that we currently have 16,200 job announcements from 109 of the largest corporations in the world.В  Approximately 60% of the posted positions are in the USA, followed by companies in the UK, China, India, Canada, and Ireland. 
    In terms of industries, most of the announcements at the moment are in the areas of Healthcare, Pharma, Tech/Software, Telecom, Engineering Services, Media, and Finance.
  • Nelest.com Project Launch!
    2016 - 03 - 24

    Today marks the launch of our new project! Nelest.com is a resource that helps jobseekers find excellent executive positions in some of the best-known companies throughout the USA and the world. 
    We have collected thousands of offers from top employers in the world, and from leading companies with the largest share capital in their markets. We not only select the best career opportunities from well-known companies for our users, but also apply cutting-edge solutions for unification, classification and supply of information collected from hundreds of entirely different resources built on different platforms. 
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Searching for Top Employment Positions in the Largest American and Global Companies

1. Determining the Direction of Your Job Search by Area of Expertise

A job seeker should first determine several key criteria prior to searching for any job. The candidate’s previous industry and job functions are the primary criteria at the initial stages of developing a CV while reviewing key positions at a large systematic company. At the same time, it is critical for the CV to reflect and clearly describe the area(s) of expertise, achievements and previous professional experience in the area required for specific job listings with very particular job functions. This combination is ideal especially if the area of expertise in the particular industry is coupled with a list of actual practical achievements that meet the job requirements of the particular job for which the candidate is applying. Large global corporations apply a multi-tier system for selecting a candidate, which often involves a formal process. This fact should motivate job seekers to choose only those job listings that best match their experience and to adapt their CV to the specifics of the employing company. This is critical for effectively using one main source to find the best managerial job postings from the largest and most well known global corporations such as Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, City group, Chevron and many others.

2. The Benefits of Working for Large American and Global Companies

There is no clear-cut answer whether working in a large corporation is more interesting and beneficial than developing your own start-up or small family-owned company. However, obvious benefits for middle and senior managers include:

3. Managerial Job Search Web Pages: Methods of Job Listings and Application Monitoring

a. Social Media Very often large companies have Social Media accounts. Companies usually post job links to company job boards or Linkedin. The main limitation is that the audience is not ready to receive unsolicited and non-relevant job listings in their news feed. It is not only inconvenient, but significantly limits a professional from developing this attractive tool, particularly for senior managers. b. Commercial Job Search Web Sites Commercial job search web sites provide a convenient and quality tool by filtering job listings that result in select senior management positions both among professional managers and in professional areas such as medicine, engineering, finances, IT and others. On such web sites, job seekers usually have to pay for full access to job listings that limits their search freedom and access to senior management positions. However, the best among such resources provide a good selection of employers and interestingly, 6 or even 7 digit opportunities. c. Business School Job Boards Job boards are a quality tool especially for top tier business schools from the TOP-10. These job boards often publish Head of Department, Director, VP, and CEO positions in the some of most famous consulting, financial, and IT companies, to name a few. The main limitation is that such job listings are only available to alumni of business schools and the sharing of this information outside of these Job boards is often suppressed by school administrations. d. Job Boards of Large Companies The largest American and global corporations have their own resources to publish job listings, gather data about potential employees and perform their potential testing. 99% of Fortune 1000 and leaders of Top USA Employer Rankings have such web sites. Most of them require initial authorization after which the job seeker may search the profile and apply for relevant positions. The main limitation here is the fact that to monitor opportunities in 100 of the largest companies you need to have 100 separate accounts for such web sites, and you have to monitor huge amount of e-mails with listings generated by these web sites, which requires a significant investment of time. e. HR Agencies Web Sites HR agency web site resources often publish very interesting senior-level positions, from Head of Department, CEO and Company President positions. However, due to the nature of such agencies, these web sites may run up to several dozen or even hundreds of different job listings at the same time. In addition, similar to Job boards of large companies, using HR agency web sites requires significant time to register and monitor dozens or even hundreds of agencies. 4. Main Methods Large American and Global Corporations Use to Select Senior Managers a. Collective decision-making. The hiring process is no longer conducted by only HR specialists and recruiters. Selecting the best candidate for a senior management position responsible for managing a team of specialists, may include an integrated index of candidate evaluations performed by a combination of company experts in particular areas, the HR department, and future mangers. Though potential managers and HR experts often have veto power, the key factor of a candidate’s success is the aggregate number of points in the evaluation of both professional qualities and psychological factors that determine to what extent any given candidate is suitable for the corporate culture of the company based on the company’s values. This approach involves multiple interview stages. For instance, when selecting a candidate for a country manager position, Google may conduct up to 13 interviews to determine the most successful candidate. For Amazon it takes 8 interviews and 3 rounds to select a middle-level position employee. Senior managers in GlaxoSmithKline are selected after 4 interviews. b. Information about candidates is mostly acquired through interviews and tests. Companies generally use personality and psychological tests rather than reviewing the professional qualities of candidates. Typically, face-to-face and remote (telephone or Skype) interviews are combined. Often, companies use their own telecom services for video interviews, which are very similar to Skype. International organizations in particular have recently begun using digital interviewing with a pre-defined list of questions for the initial selection of candidates. Answers provided by candidates are recorded as video files and analyzed by company experts. c. As for questions asked during interviews, often they are quite standard. Usually they are behavioral based questions with the goal of gaining information about the candidates’ behavior in particular life and business situations, which often reveals leadership potential, managerial skills and experience. Moreover, candidates may be asked questions in the form of case studies requiring the candidate to offer solutions to specific practical business or technical problems. The main purpose of such questioning is to determine the professional qualities of a candidate. And of course we should not forget traditional CV based questions, i.e. achievements at previous work places, motivation to change the company, etc. 5. Groundbreaking Job Seeking Approach in the Best Global Corporations from Nelest.com a. Selecting the best job listings from the most well-known companies in the world Nelest.com applies a groundbreaking approach of collecting data about jobs offered by hundreds of the largest American and global corporations. The idea combines automated intellectual systems and expert analysis that selects managerial positions for candidates pursuing development in middle and senior management positions. b. Distinctiveness - Set of Companies and Job Postings The selection of employers used in Nelest.com database is based on financial performance – we select the largest American and global companies from Forbes and Fortune 1000 rankings. These companies are also listed as best employers in their areas in such rankings as ‘America's Best Employers List’ by Forbes and Fortune’s ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’. Positions are selected both by supervising experts overseeing the process and also by an automatic process using key words resulting in a unique pool of managerial listings as opposed to simply selecting positions by job titles. c. Operating Principles and Features that Set Nelest.com Apart from Other Job Search Resources Why Nelest is different d. Next Stage of Development for Our Project and Future Job Search Services Our next ambitious goal is to go beyond the automation of collecting and processing job listings from large American and global employers. We also plan to automate the process of submitting candidates’ information into their databases. This task requires significant organizational and professional efforts from our developers and development managers, but we hope to implement this goal in the near future in order to complete the cycle of services and provide access to the best management positions for professionals and managers who plan to take their careers to the next level. When we created the concept for this job search site featuring leading companies in their industries, we established two fundamental goals: To create a web site where job seekers spend a minimum amount of time finding management positions in companies that interest them; and to select companies based on the maximum interest of candidates rather than simply presenting company job listings. Thus, this site is first and foremost designed for job seekers. Through this resource, middle and senior-level professionals will be able to find tens of thousands of management job listings in the best-known global corporations.
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